Reimagining Automotive Retail, One Day at a Time

3 min readJun 9, 2021

A blog series highlighting a Design team’s journey working at a hyper-growth Unicorn company.

Here at Tekion, we come to work everyday thinking about new ways to revolutionize automotive retail for everyone. We believe that business applications don’t have to be complicated and boring. That’s why we built an application that’s simple and fun to use. Our systems, while being easy to use, are powerful enough to run complex businesses at global scale.

We’re constantly innovating and inventing new technology along the way to overcome barriers and solve big problems and we’re starting with the automotive retail industry. We’re proud to say that we’ve come a very long way in a short amount of time.

At Tekion, we believe in. . .

Creating systems that transform businesses

We are the most modern technology platform that digitizes and runs your entire business. Our AI engine gathers insights, removes friction, and provides the best personalized consumer experiences resulting in the highest customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Transforming automotive retail for a better tomorrow

We re-imagine automotive retail by providing consumers a modern approach to car buying in a fully transparent, safe and convenient environment.

Making products scalable

Tekion provides multi-dealership and multi-OEM enterprise scale capabilities that run your entire group of dealerships, providing a centralized view and performance metrics.

Being Impactful

The experiences we build here at Tekion impacts thousands of lives on a daily basis. Therefore, our goal is to make those experiences as simple, smooth & as efficient as possible.

Work at Tekion, take the first step to your new future.

We’re building an extraordinary team of passionate, curious and committed innovators who are on a mission to transform the way businesses work. Think you have what it takes? Join us.

Tekion Design — follow our journey!

We started this initiative, not to flaunt how awesome our team is, but to share intricate stories of the challenges we face while we bring these beautiful experiences to life. We believe that sharing our stories with designers like you will benefit the both of us as we grow in our creative careers.

To give you an overview of what’s to come, this publication will cover UX studies, design decisions, ideas, explorations, and so much more!

Hope you’re as excited as we are to navigate the exciting world of Design!

See you soon!

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