The future is now: Tekion’s IoT innovators in action!

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Driven by the goal to transform the automotive retail front, Tekion is all set to deliver snazzy end-to-end tech solutions to car dealerships, OEMs, and consumers! Tekion’s Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) has made the digital purchasing of cars simple and seamless.

Collaboration is the key to our success. We foster an open, inclusive, and highly welcoming environment where all our teams are valued. Starting with the automotive retail industry, we are equipping ourselves with state-of-the-art technologies to enhance consumer experience and revolutionize how the automotive industry does business.

We, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) team at Tekion, are diligently working to make this happen. We are a passionate team making monumental strides toward bringing futuristic solutions. We are committed to staying updated with the latest technologies and trends on the IoT front.

At Tekion, we ensure that our clients receive the most advanced and effective tech solutions. We are constantly exploring new ways to use IoT to drive business value and improve customer experience.

With an inquisitive nature and unparalleled enthusiasm, we constantly strive to scale greater horizons and uncover newer possibilities. The IoT team at Tekion is always looking for the next big thing and bringing it to life, one product at a time!

Our team has developed one such tech solution: Our Tekion CCD (Connected Car Device). It is a user-friendly plug-in allowing easy and seamless vehicle diagnostics data access.

We built On-board Diagnostics (OBD), a next-level system that utilizes wireless networks like Bluetooth for communication. This is a tool provided to one of our marquee dealer customers. It can scan the vehicle diagnostic data and transmit it to the cloud within 20 seconds. This data can then be conveniently retrieved through a mobile application with unique features like a flashlight and motion detection. Our OBD system has streamlined the diagnostic process for car owners and service providers, saving time and effort.

Our IoT team has revolutionized how dealerships communicate with their customers through our innovative Digital Signage Solutions. Our Connected Digital Displays are integrated with our ARC platform and managed by a Content Management System. This enables dealerships to deliver real-time, application-based, and relevant content to their customers.

We have developed an array of products that fall under the umbrella of Connected Digital Displays. Our Welcome Displays greet guests in the service lane using RFID technology, while the Service Appointments Display keeps them updated on their appointment and vehicle status.

Our other customer-centric products, Showroom, Service Advertisements, and Sales Appointments Displays engage customers with relevant content. Our Customer Lounge is a noteworthy innovation that keeps customers engaged while they wait by providing live TV. Additionally, we have created Dealer TV, allowing dealerships to control their channel streaming and listing and eliminating competitor advertisements.

One other noteworthy product of ours is the Vertical Display. It is a one-of-a-kind innovation that enhances the dealership experience by showcasing content vertically. Our Connected Digital Displays empower dealerships to communicate seamlessly across all departments, from the sales floor to the service drive and beyond.

At Tekion, we believe IoT can drive significant change. We are on our way to creating new opportunities and reducing the time and effort required by dealerships.

The world is rapidly uncovering the full potential of IoT, and Tekion is at the forefront of this progress. We are well-equipped and excited to lead the way! Team IoT is pushing technical boundaries and continuing to bring innovation to reality.

We always look forward to working with talented and motivated individuals. Are you inspired to make your mark on the automotive sphere yet? Join us and turn ideas into reality. Visit-

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